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Build from source


Installation on Linux / Unix / macOS

Clone the Consensys/quorum-key-manager repository:

git clone

Go to the quorum-key-manager directory:

cd quorum-key-manager

Install the project vendors:

go mod download

Compile the binary:

go build -o ./build/bin/key-manager

Display help information and confirm installation:

./build/bin/key-manager run --help

You can optionally create an alias:

alias key-manager="<PATH-TO-QUORUM-KEY-MANAGER>/build/bin/key-manager"

Start Quorum Key Manager

Specify environment variables to connect to Postgres:

export DB_HOST=localhost
export DB_PORT=5432
export DB_DATABASE=qkm

Run all database migrations:

key-manager migrate up

If you have existing Ethereum accounts, keys, or secrets in a secure storage system (such as HashiCorp KV, AWS KMS, or Azure KV), in order to use those resources you must index them after running all database migrations and before or after starting Quorum Key Manager.

Start Quorum Key Manager specifying the path to a manifest file or folder and any other options:

key-manager run --manifest-path=<PATH> [OPTIONS]