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Add a node to Quorum Key Manager

You can define a node in a Quorum Key Manager (QKM) manifest file. For each defined node, QKM exposes HTTP and WebSocket endpoints to interact with the node, using Ethereum stores as remote and secure key stores.

Use the following fields to configure one or more nodes:

  • kind: string - the string Node
  • name: string - name of the node
  • allowed_tenants: array of strings - (optional) list of allowed tenants for this node when using resource-based access control
  • specs: object - configuration object to connect to various endpoints, with the following fields for each endpoint:
    • rpc or tessera: (field name is the name of the endpoint)
      • addr: string - address of the endpoint
  • tags: map of strings to strings - (optional) user set information about the node
Example node manifest file
# GoQuorum node manifest
- kind: Node
name: goquorum-node
addr: http://goquorum1:8545
addr: http://tessera1:9080

# Besu node manifest
- kind: Node
name: besu-node
addr: http://validator1:8545